Disclosure and prohibited content

Disclosing sponsored content:

All articles that are sponsored will be marked as such. The first line of each article will indicate the article is sponsored by [the name of your company].

We follow Google-provided best practices and all links are tagged sponsored. We do not offer do follow on sponsored content.

Prohibited content:

We do not accept sponsored content promoting:

  • Adult
  • Nudity
  • Sexual encounter dating (e.g. Hook-up or fling dating, swinger dating sites)
  • Sexualized theme dating (e.g. Affair dating, sexual fetish dating)
  • Sexual entertainment (e.g. Strip clubs, adult movie festivals, sexually suggestive live streaming or live chat, sexually suggestive role playing games)
  • Alcohol
  • Casino/Gambling
  • Tobacco
  • Essay writing services
  • Ghosts and UFO content
  • Buying social media followers 
  • Content targeting people with low credit scores or bad credit
  • No credit, low credit loans, payday loans, cash advance services
  • Dating or mail-order relationships

We do not accept:

  • Content that is poorly written. 
  • If content is clearly written by AI and falls below our content standards, your submitted content may be rejected. You can rewrite your content and re-submit.
  • Content that promotes political parties will be reviewed by Digital Journal before publishing. Most political content will be rejected as sponsored content.
  • Content that promotes or covers war, or subjects that are taking part in, or impacted by war.
  • Content written to be critical of other individuals or companies. The purpose of sponsored content is to promote a product or service, or profile an individual. Any content that is written solely for the purpose of criticizing others will not be accepted.
  • Content that is misogynistic, racist, homophobic or derogatory. 

We also abide by local copyright laws and protect the rights of copyright holders, so we don’t allow content that is unauthorized to use copyrighted content.