Digital Journal audience demographics

Digital Journal is an award-winning, global digital media publication with contributors and readers all over the world. Founded in 1998, Digital Journal reaches 1 million+ people each month.  


Visitor location can vary monthly depending on what’s in the news cycle, but the three primary geographies and their respective share of audience are:

  • US-based (40-60%)
  • Canada-based (10-35%)
  • UK-based (5-10%)

In general, the top 10 geographies where readers come from include:

Digital Journal readership location


The majority of the audience is older than 35-years-old (54%). The biggest cohort is the 25- to 34- year-old range (31%). The majority of readers are men.

Digital Journal readership profile


47% of Digital Journal's audience work at companies of 1000+ employees. 44% of the audience work at a company of less than 50 employees. 9% work for a company of 51-200 employees, and audiences primarily work in the corporate and high-tech sectors, followed by manufacturing, finance, media, consumer and transportation.

Digital Journal readership


48% of Digital Journal's audience work in media, communications & sales, while 10% identify as entrepreneurs. The balance work in an operational, research, IT or marketing role. 40% of the audience are senior to CXO seniority and 30% are entry-level.

Digital Journal readership